World's First
End-to-End In-Transit Logistics Platform

that automates Shipper and Carrier invoice processing in real-time.


KNNX’s ‘digital superglue’ connects your TMS, ERPs, IoT, and other freight data with your partners’ systems. In-transit business rules automate shipment processing, saving you valuable time and money. 

Newfound collaboration greatly improves the shipper – carrier relationship, from tactical to strategic, building trust with your trading partners.

You move the goods; we move the data.

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Real-time, Reconciliation-Free Freight Invoices

KNNX Freight automatically synchronizes shipper and carrier data Invoices allowing auto-reconciliation, elimination of disputes and uncertainties- all without any manual intervention. Experience the convenience of automated payments and discounting right at your fingertips.

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Direct Store Delivery without OTIF disputes

Eliminate the OTIF disputes that permeate Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Bridge the shipper, carrier and supplier gaps once and for all.

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Shared Ledger enabled B2B eCommerce

Our powerful e-commerce solution provides an unprecedented, granular control over your logistics. Save money. Grow faster.

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Streamline payments and invoices for Drivers

Driver Pay allows you to streamline and simplify payments to Staff Drivers, Owner Operators or Crowdsource Delivery Partners. Our solution is fully configurable to support your internal processes allowing smart contracts integrations and custom business logic.

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Supercharge your Payments and Financing

KNNX integration with payments providers allows you to supercharge your invoice payment and financing. No matter what system is currently in use, our platform is compatible with the majority of legacy and current systems

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