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KNNX has successfully conquered one of the toughest area of supply chain management – confidently figuring out how best to control, audit and pay for large scale, in-transit logistics.

The challenge is clear – too many moving pieces, complex operating environments, and a lack of automation and secure information sharing. The result is a lack of control, difficulty obtaining timely information, distrust and waste on all sides. And the unnecessary cost of this friction is staggering.

At KNNX, for more than five years we’ve been supercharging logistics by connecting the information generated and used by business partners through secure, shared ledgers.

Most importantly, these improvements don’t require changing your existing systems including your ERP, TMS, IoT devices or others.

And now, knowing who to pay, how much and when has led to full integrated payments and AP/AR financing.

Control, accuracy and trust from start to finish.

You move the goods. We move the data.

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