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Unparalleled savings and increased efficiency

Automated invoice generation and payments for new levels of savings, efficiency, and accuracy.

  • Smart Contracts applies business rules from Bill of Lading to Proof of Delivery, eliminating most disputes (less than 1%).
  • Real-time invoice updates for in-transit changes delivering 100% accurate invoices, eliminating thresholds and audits.
  • System agnostic for legacy systems (TMS, IoT and other integrations), reducing data entry, with full visibility for both shippers and carriers.
Direct Store Delivery

Maximize efficiency and minimize delays.

Streamline the Direct Store Delivery Model by connecting retailers and suppliers in real-time. Shipment transparency and predictability of delivery times ensure readiness to receive products and a faster time-to-shelf. Achieve significant reductions in product substitution and improve shelf stocking.

  • Prioritize and optimize schedule delivery for walk-in, merchandiser visits or ad hoc deliveries.
  • Smart logic to prioritize, sequence and suggest optimal times for delivery based on store activities to ensure minimal disruption and wait times
  • Real-time insights and timely notifications allow tracking and analyzing the delivery performance indicators, such as delivery time and correct number of items.
Ecommerce Audit

Small Parcel Invoice Savings

Increase the efficiency of your eCommerce logistics, save time, and allocate resources for other important tasks. Smart Contract business rules audit each parcel invoice (bundled and unbundled detail), significantly reducing time while identifying savings.

  • Business rules identify exceptions in claims for rebate
  • Onboarding is quick and easy, industry-leading carriers already on KNNX network
  • Over 20 different audit types pre-built for rapid deployment and time to value
Driver Pay

Attract and Reward Top Talent

Driver Pay is a data-driven approach fostering trust and loyalty that allows you to streamline and simplify payments to staff drivers, owner/operators, or crowdsourced delivery partners. Regardless of who needs to approve and at which levels. Fully configurable to support your internal processes.

  • Monitor driving habits to offer safety rewards in recognizing safe driving. Incentivize punctuality to encourage exceptional service.
  • Fully configurable payment structures, including hourly wages, per-mile rates, and additional payments for each stop.
  • With a focus on sustainability enable fuel efficiency tracking to promote eco-friendly driving, rewarding drivers for sustainable practices.
Freight, Audit & Payment

Innovative Solution, no more Reconciliation Required

KNNX integration with payment providers allows you to eliminate friction in manual effort and reconciliation of your invoice payment and enables/automates vendor financing.

  • Smart Contract rules automate invoice processing and payment readiness and directly link to any payment method
  • Fully compatible with existing systems to track and integrate tenders, invoice data, contract terms, payment terms to ensure invoices are accepted and paid without delay.
  • Reporting insights and analytics ensures enhanced visibility and control over freight expenditures, reconciliations and accruals.
  • The ability for carriers to request “quick payment” of invoices (instant settlement) for improved savings.
People shaking hands and paying money
Key benefits

Unparalleled savings, dispute reduction and visibility into your logistics operations.

Next level efficiency and collaboration fostering greater shipper-carrier relationships and trust.

  • Deliver exceptional service
  • Make informed, strategic decisions
  • Streamline your processes and workflows
Eliminate Audits & Reconciliation (<1%)
Quick deployment and ROI in less than a year
No disruptions to existing TMS, ERP, IoT or other information systems
100% accurate invoices directly linked to carrier payments and quick pay
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