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At KNNX, we are embarked on a transformative journey that transcends conventional business practices, aiming to redefine the very essence of our supply chains through the lens of Business Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Solutions.

In recognizing the profound impact of our operations on the world, we have committed ourselves to not just meet industry standards but to set new benchmarks in responsible and ethical business conduct.

Scalability for Diverse Supply Chains:

Achieve Corporate Sustainability & ESG Goals: From Vision to Reality

Founded in 2017, KNNX has established the leadership position in fast, secure and flexible enterprise blockchain solutions.

Award-winning solutions in Supply Chain: Freight, ESG & Sustainability, E-commerce, Last Mile Delivery. Serving some of the world's largest corporations delivering exceptional cost savings, operational efficiency, and Corporate Sustainability.


Global employees focused on supply chain solutions: ESG solutions development and support.

1.9 Billion+

Amount in invoices processed.

1.35 Million+

Loads Managed

33.6 Million+

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Organizations in the network

While economic growth is driving increased demand for natural resources, consumers and businesses are demanding higher standards and codes of conduct for ethical sourcing, human rights practices and sustainable business practices. Partnering with KNNX enterprises can:

  • Meet regulations with confidence
  • Certify products across multiple environmental metrics
  • Streamline business process and eliminate manual work in data collection and data audit
  • Calculate Green House Gas Emissions throughout every step of the supply chain and global transportation, select alternate routes to reduce emissions
  • Make more informed decision on sourcing, production, and consumption of resources & materials
  • Brand Integrity

Case Studies

Cocoa Bean

Project addressing ‘Child Labor’ and deforestation in cocoa farms in West Africa:

  • Solution is integrated with Schools, Farmers, and Gov’t entities for transparency.
  • Program consists of a loyalty program to incent behavior with ‘closed loop’ network.
  • Ensuring the beans come from a legally approved farms

Germanium Mining

Germanium mining solution for Teck Resources to provide transparency between mining + smelter + logistics + end client for production of fiber-optic cable

  • Share with customers in an auditable,verifiable way that material is sourced from responsible mines with measurement of carbon footprint.
  • Complete and accurate traceability due to the common practice of co-mingling.
  • Distributed data provides real-time information on concentration analysis across partners

Production of Intermediate Petrochemicals

Solution to address reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing and provides end-to-end visibility of data flows between all parties for world-class sustainable chemical company. The key focus of the solution addresses the following processes:

  • Multi-stage regulator compliance requirements & approvals
  • Monitoring the system usage of natural resources used per plant per item
  • Monitoring and reporting material consumption
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