World’s Foremost Freight and Logistics Software Innovator Reenergized as KNNX Corp. (Formerly DLT Labs)

TORONTO, Oct. 4, 2023 – DLT Labs, the world’s foremost freight and logistics software innovator, is now KNNX Corp. (pronounced “Connects”), effective October 4, 2023. This transition reflects KNNX’s commitment to supercharge supply chains, in particular freight and logistics operations, by interconnecting enterprises with speed and unparalleled transparency.

“For thousands of years, trade was conducted in-person before a patchwork of technologies fractured longstanding bonds between trading partners, said Loudon Owen, CEO at KNNX. “At KNNX, our shared ledgers act as Digital Superglue™ that instantly reestablishes those deep connections through trust and transparency, enabling unprecedented collaboration and cost savings. We’ve demonstrated that challenging logistics patchworks can quickly transform into trusted, collaborative networks. The name KNNX captures our spirit and mission – and hey, vowels are overrated anyway!”

KNNX’s powerful collaboration platform and flexible products provide a single source of truth for all transaction data for current customers in the retail, food & beverage, healthcare, mining and agriculture industries.

KNNX’s award-winning product suite enables logistics collaboration and has already delivered enormous efficiencies and substantial operating savings spanning freight, including E-commerce, Last Mile Delivery (LMD), audit and payment, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Driver Pay. Working with Mastercard and Transcard, KNNX launched FreightX providing automated end-to-end freight processing on a shared ledger to resolve invoice disputes, solve cash flow challenges and deliver complete visibility. In addition, KNNX’s products have fully integrated carbon emissions tracking where sustainability also leads to increased profitability.

KNNX will continue to pioneer new applications for its shared ledgers, offering game-changing solutions that have been proven to dramatically transform supply chains and business partnerships without disrupting existing operations and systems.

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